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CCTV & Smart Home Security Installation

Need Professional CCTV Installation Services?


Do you want peice of mind knowing that your home  and valuable are protected against theft and break-ins without the burden of high monthly fees? Don’t wait until your family is a victim of crime. Ensuring that you have peace of mind about the security of your own home is of utmost importance, and we understand that having a cost-effective CCTV solution can provide our customers with that peace of mind that allows them to sleep much more soundly at night no matter if they are at home or away from their home.


MountMyTV ... Your Local CCTV Installer


We offer professional, security CCTV installations and services that are tailored to the type of premises and situations you need to have securely monitored. Our CCTV professionals have the skills to craft a complete, descrete and smart video surveillance & security camera system that can be monitored locally from within the property or via the internet using any web enabled device such as a phone or tablet PC in real time from anywhere in the World..


MountMyTV are trained professionals who understand how to match the latest security technology to your budget and ensure your complete satisfaction. A typical CCTV installation consisting of several security cameras and a security recoder (NVR) can usually be undertaken by a single man install team ... typically a single family home up to two stories. Our installers will create, design and estimate the system that will best fit your budget and CCTV Installations security requirements.


Our support is second to none, we are available on the telephone and (depending on the problem) in person should you require on-site support.

Our installation process

An installation carried out by MountMyTV Includes the following:


  • A Survey to help our clients explore different placement options for the cameras and associated equipment as well as discuss future-proofing your system and budget options if necessary
  • We will pin the cables neatly to the wall, route the cables within the wall or conceal them in plastic surface mounted trunking as required
  • We will connect and configure your cameras, door locks, phones, tablet PC's & NVR to your new system
  • Calibrate Audio and Video performance
  • Clean up work area and remove packing materials and installation debris Show you how to use your new system

Our Home Security, & CCTV installation service territory includes Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, London, Milton Keynes, Berkshire and Cambridgeshire, However, we will undertake work further afield when required.

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